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Good Bye


iKON《GOODBYE ROAD》奪25國iTunes冠軍  【大紀元2018年10月02日訊】(大紀元記者曾薇心編譯報導)韓國人氣男團iKON昨(1)日晚間發行的新曲《GOODBYE ROAD》,今(2)日於韓國時間早上7點,佔據Melon、Mnet、Genie、Bugs、Olleh及Soribada六大音源榜冠軍,該專輯還在25國iTunes拿下冠軍。 大紀元 (新聞發布) (2018/10/02 14:35)

A Long Goodbye to Baxter, a Gentle Giant Among Robots  But last week, the machine's maker, Rethink Robotics, suddenly announced it was planning to fold, sales of its robots having come up short. (Baxter was originally designed for industrial use, for instance picking and placing objects on a factory line ... WIRED (2018/10/08 20:00)

Goodbye, Columbus: holiday in decline as brutal legacy re-evaluated  “This issue is a lot like the Confederate flag for southerners. As an Italian American it feels good that there is an official holiday that is nominally about us. We are proud of our heritage. Yet the specifics of this holiday run so deep into human ... The Guardian (2018/10/08 23:17)

iKON 推全新迷你專輯回歸,主打歌《GOODBYE ROAD》MV 公開  iKON 2日發行全新迷你專輯《NEW KIDS: THE FINAL》回歸,並公開主打歌《GOODBYE ROAD》的MV。 這次的專輯名為「THE FINAL」,代表著繼前兩張專輯「BEGIN」、「CONTINUE」後的最終曲,主打歌《GOODBYE ROAD》由成員B.I 親自參與作詞、作曲,歌詞描寫人們 ... Kpopn (新聞發布) (網誌) (2018/10/02 12:23)

Two weeks, too big: Goodbye Apple iPhone XS Max  Once again, David Gewirtz puts on his mystical prognostication hat (okay, fine, he launches Excel) to delve into Apple announcement history. Will we see new Macs, iPads, and whatnot in October? There's a pretty good chance, and we'll even tell you what ... ZDNet (2018/10/09 3:27)

Concord University says goodbye to select education programs  ATHENS, WV (WVNS) - A number of undergraduate education programs at Concord University are seeing a decline in enrollment. That is why the administration is deciding to "sunset them." Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Peter Viscusi, ... WVNS-TV (2018/10/09 6:31)

Goodbye Toronto, hello Winnipeg: Are Canada's young giving up their big city dreams?  Daniel Moscovitch had always wanted to leave his hometown of Winnipeg for greener pastures. For a while he did, moving to Vancouver in 2008, when he was 24, then living in Tel Aviv for six years and returning to Vancouver two years ago, where he had ... The Globe and Mail (2018/10/08 6:26)

Say good-bye to the Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter  Back in the distant mists of 2012, everyone needed an adapter to plug their collection of 30-pin charging cables into Apple's new Lightning port. Fast forward to today and this once crucial accessory is no longer necessary. To the point where it's been ... Cult of Mac (2018/10/09 3:10)

David Bouchier: Goodbye, Columbus  It seems that we can never have enough living space. Even back in 1492 when the planet was, by modern standards, virtually uninhabited, every king, princeling and adventurer was engaged in a passionate search for new territory. Columbus, of course, won ... WSHU (2018/10/08 20:18)