Jugglers 第4集


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《Jugglers》成勛登場!一出現就跟白珍熙滾床?  KBS 2TV新月火電視劇《Jugglers》於11月29日釋出最新劇照,白珍熙與成勛貌似激情糾纏著到床上,令大家好奇劇情內容。 白珍熙臉上掛著心動的微笑,環抱著成勛的脖子狀似親暱,成勛也輕輕抱住白珍熙躺到床上,這場面令人看了直冒粉紅泡泡,加上白珍熙露出微妙的表情並且看似想要成勛 ... 韓星網 (2017/11/29 13:17)

Kang Hye Jung Is A Hardworking Mom In New Stills For “Jugglers”  More stills have been released for Kang Hye Jung in KBS 2TV's newest Monday-Tuesday drama “Jugglers.” “Jugglers” is about a housewife who gets a job working as a secretary for the director of a sports industry with the opposite personality from hers ... soompi (2017/12/03 4:02)

Baek Jin Hee Gets Publicly Humiliated In New “Jugglers” Drama Stills  In the drama, Baek Jin Hee plays a Jwa Yoon Yi, a supportive secretary who works hard to be recognized by her boss (Choi Daniel). Her character is expected to be very relatable as an ordinary employee completely at the beck and call of her boss. Soompi ... soompi (2017/12/03 5:12)

Upcoming KBS Drama “Jugglers” Releases New Individual Posters For Main Characters  KBS 2TV's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Jugglers” has released posters for its four main characters that reflect each individual's personality. “Jugglers” will air its first episode on December 4 and will be the story of a female secretary who is ... soompi (2017/11/26 23:09)

KBS 2TV's Monday/Tuesday Drama "Jugglers"  A passive woman ready to support, obey and devote herself to others has met a defensive man who wants nothing but to reject all relationships, even the slightest interest from others at work as boss and secretary. The drama tells the real and fierce ... KBS WORLD Radio News (2017/12/04 12:28)

Upcoming KBS Drama “Jugglers” Releases Cheerful Group Posters Ahead Of December Premiere  KBS 2TV's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Jugglers” has released new group posters following individual posters for the main cast. “Jugglers” will be an office romance story between a female secretary who is sociable and perfect at her job of taking ... soompi (2017/11/28 17:59)

「Jugglers」舉行發布會白珍熙崔丹尼爾等出席  全球流行金榜火速為你最愛歌手打榜 · 超夯女女戀陳珮騏微訪談立即提問 · 平溪人擠人快來線上許願 · 最新雜誌 · 兩性/書舖 · 娛樂新聞 > Wow!NEWS新聞網. 「Jugglers」舉行發布會白珍熙崔丹尼爾等出席. Wow!NEWS新聞網 (2017-11-30 16:30). 分享| 分享至新浪微博 分享至 ... 臺灣新浪網 (2017/11/30 18:21)

Jugglers take the stage Monday at deCoste  27, when the Mud Bay Jugglers take to the stage. This troupe is said to juggle genres as easily as objects, weaving theatre, dance, physical comedy, and juggling into a creative and infectious entertainment experience. Based in Olympia, Washington, the ... The News (2017/11/22 5:28)

Video: Portland Jugglers in the 90s Were Whimsical as Fuck  There's really no point to this post other than to point out this video is unexpectedly absorbing. The unironic 90s fashion, the familiar landmarks seen on grainy footage, the montages, the corny juggling—this video's got it all. A dude named Alan ... The Portland Mercury (blog) (2017/11/09 10:09)