The Blue Sea 第3集


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watch video on DM

The Blue Sea


Offshore Shipping Online  Harvey Gulf International Marine has taken delivery of its second multipurpose support vessel, Harvey Blue-Sea. The Jones Act vessel has the capability to efficiently undertake field development activity. Harvey Gulf now owns and operates the two ... Offshore Shipping Online (2017/11/07 15:33)

Blue Sea partners with management to invest in breaker maker Resa Power  Blue Sea Capital has made a growth capital investment in Resa Power. The private equity firm partnered with the target's management team on the deal, which gives an exit for Audax Private Equity. Houston-based Resa provides electrical system products, ... Mergers & Acquisitions (2017/11/13 19:03)

Blue Sea buys RESA from Audax  Blue Sea Capital has acquired RESA Power LLC from Audax Private Equity. No financial terms were disclosed. Houston-based RESA Power is a provider of electrical life extension products and services. Lincoln International served as financial adviser to ... PE Hub (blog) (2017/11/10 23:04)

Blue Sea to invest in Spectrum Vision Partners  Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island (“OCLI”), a nationally renowned multi-specialty eye care group, announced today that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Blue Sea Capital LLC (“Blue Sea”), a leading growth-oriented private equity ... PE Hub (blog) (2017/10/31 22:19)

Mysterious sea creature eats bluebottles, floats upside down  "Saw heaps of these washed up on Angels Beach ... my friend said they are Glaucus Atlanticus (blue dragon/sea slug)," she posted. According to the Australian Museum, the blue sea slug is "beautifully adapted for life floating upside down in the sea". Northern Star (2017/11/14 8:40)

Answers to the world's 'oldest water' found in the deep blue north ...  Those trying to communicate across the seas using a message in a bottle had better hope it doesn't get caught in a patch of stagnant water in the north Pacific ... The Sydney Morning Herald (2017/11/11 12:03)

Blue Planet II set to air terrifying episode with deadly sea monsters including venomous 'floating terror'  FAMILY nature show Blue Planet II airs its most terrifying episode yet this weekend – as it features a host of deadly sea monsters. A Portuguese man o' war, also known as 'floating terror', is set to frighten viewers as it is seen paralysing other fish ... The Sun (2017/11/14 11:15)

Bobbit: The sinister sea creature that left Blue Planet 2 viewers terrified  Its opening episode was the most-watched programme of 2017 and The BBC's Blue Planet II series has received rave reviews since it began airing last month. But one creature featured on the show - the metre-long, terrifyingly fast, sea bed-dwelling ... The Independent (2017/11/13 21:53)

Tyler Herro announcement live stream  Herro begins his speech around the 7:00 mark, then goes on to discuss why he picked the Cats, getting to be coached by John Calipari, and who else Herro is recruiting to join him in the 2018 class (Zion). A Sea of Blue (2017/11/15 6:47)

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