The Blue Sea 第4集


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The Blue Sea


'Deep Blue Sea 2' Gets R Rating, Premiering in 2018 - Comic Book  Since the debut of Jaws in 1975, horror movie fans have had an insatiable hunger to consume cinema focused on the impressive fish, inspiring countless tales in which the animal is the villain. The sequel to 1999's Deep Blue Sea is coming to SYFY next ... (2017/12/08 5:02)

Deep Blue Sea 2 Rated R for Creature Violence/Gore and Language  Five months ago we shared the news that there was a secret sequel to the 1999 killer sharks vs. Tom Jane and LL Cool J movie Deep Blue Sea filming, and today we have the sequel's rating. And it's about what you'd expect. Not that that's a bad thing ... Dread Central (2017/12/11 5:01)

Deep Blue Sea 2 sar� R-rated  Deep Blue Sea 2, sequel di Blu profondo del 1999, arriver� sul canale statunitense SyFy nel 2018 e sar� R-rated a causa delle moltr scene violente e del linguaggio volgare. Matt Bierman, creative executive di Warner Bros., ha cos� parlato del sequel ... Horror Magazine (2017/12/12 7:11)

Deep Blue Sea 2 Gets a Release Date and Poster, Will Be R-Rated ...  After nearly 20 years, we're finally getting that sequel to Deep Blue Sea that just enough people want to justify its existence. Thomas Jane won't be back, but SyFy is releasing Deep Blue Sea 2 in 2018, though, a specific release date has not yet been ... MovieWeb (2017/12/08 4:34)

Democrat Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate race in stunning victory  The allegations have drawn national attention and no small amount of disparagement of Alabama, its history, its voters and their judgment. That condescension along with many millions of dollars in negative advertising, robocalls and attack mailers left ... Los Angeles Times (2017/12/13 10:29)

Journalists in Balochistan: Caught Between the Devil and Deep ...  Pakistan is the most dangerous country for journalists in South Asia. Ranked the fifth deadliest country by the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 89 journalists have been killed in Pakistan. Of those, 60 were confirmed to have been killed ... The Diplomat (2017/11/22 21:17)

Kenneth Horsey picks Kentucky Wildcats Football  After taking his official visit to Kentucky this past weekend, it seemed that Kenneth made up his mind shortly after the visit. Horsey is a three-star prospect in the 2018 recruiting class, weighs in at 330 pounds, and stands at 6-foot-3. His stock had ... A Sea of Blue (2017/12/13 8:17)

Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: John Calipari visiting Matthew Hurt  There are many dominoes left to fall in the 2018 recruiting class for Kentucky, but that does not stop John Calipari from looking toward the 2019 prospects. Coach Cal will be in Minnesota Tuesday to visit 5-star forward Matthew Hurt, according to Zags ... A Sea of Blue (2017/12/13 0:51)

What David Attenborough should have said at the end of Blue Planet  We find the sea a great source of solace and peace. The author Ronald Blythe has written of the sea's “most wonderful monotony”, which “can drug the watcher into forgetting past, present and future”. Watching Blue Planet II has been almost as hypnotic ... The Guardian (2017/12/13 3:17)