Missing Korea

Missing Korea》由 Dara、金楨勳、夏恩雪、李智賢 主演的2015年韓國電視劇。


以假想的2020年為背景,是講述韓朝關係緩和後一同舉辦“第一屆南北共同Miss Korea”的浪漫喜劇。




North Korean politician who went missing appointed to new office  Won Dong Yon, center, crossing into South Korea through Panmunjom on Feb. 12, 2014. Won was recently promoted to a high-profile position that deals with inter-Korea relations. File Photo courtesy of Republic of Korea Ministry of Unification ... UPI.com (2016/05/24 2:31)

Missing phones pose threat to humanitarian workers  Peter Jung, a pastor and the director of the Seoul-based human rights group Justice for North Korea, voiced concerns that the pastor's death and the two missing phones could bring harm to some 200 South Korean humanitarian workers helping hundreds of ... Korea Times (2016/05/23 14:22)

Missing South Korea Christian minister possibly kidnapped to North  Seoul's foreign and unification ministries confirmed the minister with the surname Kim is missing, but has yet to verify whether he was abducted to North Korea. The news follows statements from a South Korea-based activist group that claimed North ... UPI.com (2016/05/17 10:37)

US soldier under investigation goes missing in South Korea  SEOUL, South Korea — A U.S. soldier under military investigation has disappeared from a base near the border with North Korea, a spokesman said Thursday. The missing soldier is being investigated for a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice ... Stars and Stripes (2016/05/19 11:22)

Missing South Korean missionary possibly kidnapped to North Korea  A Christian missionary who went missing could have been kidnapped to North Korea, an anonymous South Korean source told local newspaper Dong-a Ilbo. The Christian minister, a defector who went missing on March 28, was last spotted in Helong in Jilin ... Christian Daily (2016/05/20 0:15)

Family learns the truth about Maine soldier who went missing in Korea more than 50 years ago  And in 1951, when he was 21 years old, U.S. Army Cpl. Richard C. Wormwood was reported missing in action while fighting in Korea. For more than 50 years, that's all his family members knew, despite their ongoing search for answers. Wormwood was a son ... Bangor Daily News (2016/05/18 1:25)

Collier Honor Flight honors military missing in action, Korean veterans  After more than 66 years, Mike O'Dea, 96, says a sliver of hope remains he will learn what happened to his baby brother, Army Cpl. Laurence O'Dea, missing in North Korea. "There's always hope — that they maybe were sent to China and lived a life of ... Naples Daily News (2016/05/22 0:09)

Are reporters missing a surprising religion ghost when covering news about North Korea?  Media mention of religion in North Korea generally involves the arrest of some unfortunate foreign Christian who thought they could sneak a Bible or other evangelism materials into what is arguably the world's most repressive state – which is saying ... GetReligion (blog) (2016/05/17 7:09)

Park Tae-hwan Missing From Korea's Swim Team List For Rio 2016 Olympic Games  Park Tae-hwan has been left off the preliminary South Korean squad for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in accordance with the stance of the Korean Olympic Committee to stand firm on a domestic rule that forbids any athlete from representing the country for ... SwimVortex.com (2016/05/11 17:28)

Missing North Korea military chief not executed, source says  Ri Yong Gil, who was the North Korea equivalent of Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, was mentioned in a North Korea report, weeks after speculation emerged he may have been executed. File screenshot courtesy of KCTV ... UPI.com (2016/05/10 21:28)