Secret Mother

《Secret Mother》為SBS於2018年5月12日播出的週末劇,由宋玧妸、金素妍、金太祐、宋再臨主演。《Secret Mother》講述一位入學考試代理母親來到身負孩子死亡之謎的女人的家中後發生的故事。


There Are No Secret New Iranian Citizens  It is a staple of conspiracy theorists that international treaties all have secret protocols known only to a select few. The Iranian nuclear deal is no exception. American conservatives, for example, have long insisted that the agreement's confidential ... Mother Jones (2018/07/04 6:35)

Brodan Aylott took his own life on Mother's Day  But underneath, the 24-year-old was hiding a secret from his girlfriend and family about his financial situation. A debt so big, the stress became too much. On Mother's Day this year, the bricklayer — who owned his own business and home by the age of ... (2018/07/04 6:40)

'The day I found a box of letters that revealed a secret love affair my mother had hidden for 80 years'  It is almost 60 years ago, but the memory of that summer afternoon in the garden of a house in Buckinghamshire still shines in my mind, as if it were yesterday. Whichert House was named after the local word for 'white earth', the mixture of lime and ... (2018/07/01 13:00)

Why don't we care about new mothers' suffering?  Mothers interviewed for our book, The Secret Life of Mothers, talk about a range of problems that simply start in the first few weeks. One, known as G, says: “It is known that mothers suffer from depression, but they talk about that straight after you ... The Guardian (2018/07/02 16:46)

The secret shame of being a sober mother  But after the birth of my second child three years ago, I became a sober mother. It wasn't an obvious progression: I drank with the usual wanton enthusiasm before I became a mother. I continued drinking moderately throughout both my pregnancies and ... The Guardian (2018/06/10 14:01)

'You couldn't write that': Son who found out he was adopted 50 years later takes Catholic adoption agency to High Court  As a result, the mother and son have sued the St Patrick's Adoption Society and Ireland, and the Attorney General seeking damages. They claim that the defendants made false misrepresentations concerning her son's location, deceit and failed to provide ... (2018/07/04 1:41)

Who Is Sophie Brussaux? What to Know About the Mother of Drake's Son Adonis  Rumors regarding Drake's son re-emerged last month when Pusha T released a diss track called “The Story of Adidon,” in which he alleged Drake had a secret love child he was keeping under wraps and refused to acknowledge. “You are hiding a child, ... (2018/06/30 3:25)

How a mom's reaction to son's depression helped him out of "darkness"  Will Hargen was 17 and carrying a secret only he knew. When he asked his mom, Tracy, "Hey mom, can we talk?" she thought her all-American, high school junior was feeling typical teenage stress. "But then when he said, 'I'm depressed. I mean, I'm ... CBS News (2018/07/03 20:54)

Hollywood's Secret Roe v. Wade Movie  ... as Jane Roe in the case; Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who is the film's executive producer and has a cameo as the mother of Mildred Jefferson; and Greer Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's daughter, who plays one of McCorvey's attorneys. Vanity Fair (2018/07/04 7:15)